Bitplay – Mining Farm Script

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Bitmine – Mining Farm System

This script makes the sale of GHz to mining Bitcoin, its layout is easily editable with “Adobe Dreamweaver” and you can manage the entire system through SSH commands or through the control panel.

This system can not be connected to your mining farm, you need to adjust the settings with the same profitability of your mining machines to calculate the earnings of your buyers (if you do not own mining equipment you should not proceed with the purchase of this script.)

System Requirements

  • UNIX / Linux1-based server (cPANEL, VestaCP and Others)
  • PHP version 5.6 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher.
  • Memory for PHP of at least 64 MB
  • SSL Certificate (minimum 32bits)
  • Apache or Nginx (recommended)

Main Features

  • Updates Bitcoin mining difficulty and price automatically through API
  • Instant Payouts (Enable or Disable)
  • Automatic Weekly Payments (API Coinbase)
  • Payment methods (BTC)
  • Template 100% responsive (Bootstrap and Html5)
  • Affiliate & Representative program
  • Configurable up to 5 purchase packages
  • System for news and announcements
  • The FAQ page is editable with Adobe Dreamweaver
  • HelpDesk TomTicket
  • Google Authenticator 2FA
  • Log Deposit and Withdraw (user and admin)
  • API: Coinmarktcap, Blockchain and GOurl



Before any upgrade do a full backup. There is no need to reinstall the script for platform upgrade.


Version 2.3 – 01 August 2018

  • Added API (for receiving deposits made by the user)
  • Added API Coinbase (For automatic sending of withdrawals)
  • Added Cron jobs (for weekly withdrawals, email notices)
  • Added TomTicket Helpdesk (free for one user)
  • Added Recaptcha
  • Google Authenticator 2FA
  • Updated Affiliate System
  • Fixed errors

Version 2.0 – 10 May 2018


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